Science of dissolution or death and how to overcome it?

While we humans ponder and worry over destruction or dissolution by death we fail seeing the truth.

A simple analogy of the Universe would be the human body. If in a human body a virus starts colonising then it becomes necessary for the virulent information (VIRUS) to be removed through various means. Why do we do it? This is because the virus is not in synchrony with the information necessary to conduct life in the human body. The like of it is what the Universal body does to the human bodies that are asynchronous to its presence. The ones that are asynchronous to the Universal presence deem to be dissolved for the higher presence to prevail thus maintaining the larger Universal order. This process of dissolution is being termed as death.

How then to overcome death?

If only we become synchronised with the Universal being then the necessity for dissolution is not there. Hence the sages or saints of the past in India and elsewhere, having realised this truth, took upon efforts to align themselves to the Universal being so that the asynchronous presence can be eliminated.

How to find the Universal presence?

Just like the kernel of an operating system in a computer pervades all that is within the operating system, the Universal presence is well a part of all beings. With a little effort one can relate/know its presence. This calls for removing (or) minimisation of distractions caused due to the indulgence in the world we have created. All the spiritual texts direct or point us to these processes.


What are we trying to prove?

Every being is trying to prove to itself, its own existence in this world. If this is done through the world this world keeps disproving it due to multiplicity it projects and pushes one to prove it more authentically. Thus the game continues. The various decorations that come with the name and form are but a way to prove oneself of ones existence.

The moment one acknowledges ones own existence the game is over. There is total acceptance, knowing, contentment, rest, peace, fullness and sense of completeness.


Reservoir of consciousness

All beings are but a reservoir of consciousness. The walls of the reservoir is the body. The body becomes aware because of the presence of consciousness. The body tends to interpret this awareness as if its nature and identifies the awareness to itself.

As such consciousness in the reservoir is undisturbed and serene. It is best understood through an analogy.

Water in a pot is just stagnant and non-turbulent. Unless an entity/force disturbs the water the water does not show any sign of turbulence.

Likewise the consciousness is stable and serene, un-noticed. The only evidence of its presence is the awareness it attributes to the body. When directed by attractions of the body consciousness flows towards the object of attraction thus infusing life into the object of attraction. A thought is a virtual lifeless vibration until consciousness infuses life into the thought whereby action emanates through the body. The process of attraction or repulsion caused by the objects through the body creates a sense of turbulence in the consciousness. This turbulence is defined as the mind.

Mind is the same consciousness but a turbulent ever flowing state.

Equation of humanity

In mathematics, an equation is a statement of an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists of determining which values of the variables make the equality true.
We all try to equate to one another. Here the we is “body” that which keeps on changing according to its likes and dislikes. If only the constant (soul) is given priority over the body the equation already remains solved as it is continuous stream of existence in every-body.
That which changes is the body and that which is constant is the one that powers the body.

The reason

My necessity for a body of a particular composition led the nature to create this body. This body is a result of several earthly generations of beings aligning themselves to this cause.  The existence of this body is not attributed to the immediate parents but to all those who contributed along several generations along the line.

Just like how a train driver can not pilot an aircraft – my frequency (attributes) required a composition that I can drive through. My will prevailed for the creation of this body.

When I wanted an ice cream as a child, several beings/things/actions aligned itself for satisfying my want. My parents accepted my request because I prevailed on the request (contribution of my will to get the ice cream). They took me to the shop. The shop keeper accepted to give. My parents paid the required amount. Then I had the ice cream to satisfy my want. My want sprung from my liking of the taste of the ice cream. I became aware of taste of the ice cream because I once tasted it. The reason of my wanting was my inclination to have the taste once again. To satisfy the non-physical the physical aligned itself.  Hence I am thankful to all that helped me have the ice cream and satisfy myself with the taste. This is the very same reason, in India there has been a habit of thanking all the ancestors for having given this body for my wants.

At a much grosser level – it is a physical understanding of biological processes. But at a level of the non-physical, which forms the basis for the physical, it is the will (force) that guides the physical to shape itself for the purpose.

The purpose is my existence (projection) in the physicality to taste (perceive/interact with) the physical world. The reason is my will which has formed due to my several interactions with the physicality; and the taste thereof, that I had accrued for this physicality.

Unethical vs Ethical

  • If to be unethical is to have the courage to face the world with my preconditioning.
  • To be ethical is to have the courage to face one’s conditioned self and emerge victoriously.

The former is like cutting an apple whereas the later is like splitting an atom. Splitting an atom is difficult but the amount of energy that results can consume all negativity.

To face the world is to swim in the world, accumulate the world in you, to get dirty in the murkiness, to succumb.  If you emerge victoriously – you are left with worldly experience.

To face oneself is to purify, to burn out negativity, to glow and to unite, to bring out the latent real YOU – the real SELF. If you emerge victoriously you will be left with Universal experience.

By facing oneself, one attains victory over the lower self and the world thereof simultaneously.

In summary, by facing the world one obtains worldly experience, but by facing oneself one obtains Universal experience (including this world and beyond). The difference is in what one chooses with this precious life.